An Open Letter to Everyone: It’s Time to Occupy Fear-Mongering Journalism

What if the world we live in, the one the fear-mongering news media has created, what if that world didn't exist?
What if the world we live in was filled with love and hope and goodness?
What if the world we live in was less violent than it's ever been in the history of our planet?
What if we believed that?
What if it were true?
What if you woke each morning and lived your day believing, knowing, embracing that truth?

Sometimes I feel like I am sitting in a jury box. Sequestered before a wall of screens, being fed only the information the news media wants me to believe. We've all been sucked in. But, I'm tired of that violent, raging world portrayed by the news media. I don't believe we live in a world like that.

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In the Beginning

Poem originally published September 23, 2016 in Love and Ensuing Madness on
Rat's Ass Review

Warning Graphic - 18+ Audience suggested.

Play me, Tempt me, Pursue me
Go ahead. Enjoy the fruits of your labor. I am here for your enjoyment.
I won’t break.
I’ll come when you call. I’ll jump at the chance. I’ll enjoy the challenge.
I won’t refuse.
This is the fun part. I’m a good sport. I won’t disappoint. I want to be better.
I won’t fall.

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